Before purchasing a horse, a pre-purchase exam is recommended. These exams, performed by our veterinarians, allow us to evaluate the condition of the horse and recommend whether or not the horse would be able to perform in the capacity in which they are to be used. We perform a full examination of their eyes, heart, lungs, skin, and legs including joint flexions. We prefer to have the horse ridden during the exam since certain lameness is more apparent when the horse is under saddle. Routine in-house blood tests and parasite fecal exams are performed. In addition, a drug screen is also available. Radiographs are taken at the request of the client and may be recommended at the time of this exam. It is common to take a series of x-rays of the horses' feet and hocks as a baseline. Since a CD may be made, this becomes part of the horses' medical record and may be viewed in comparison to additional x-rays in the future or, may be available to a future purchaser if the horse is being bought for re-sale.
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