Lisa H. Handy, VMD, knows there's no such thing as an "ordinary" day (or night) in her practice. There are no limits to the predicaments a horse can get into, just as there is no predicting the expectations of a horse owner.

But for more than twenty-five years, Dr. Lisa H. Handy has seen the incredible humor in it all - its undeniably funny side.

In the end, she considers it an amazingly rewarding profession, constantly filled with surprises and plenty of horse laughs - all of which are reflected with tongue firmly in cheek throughout her new book, "Just for Kicks."

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"To work with 1,000-pound animals that often seem to be either suicidal or homicidal simply demands a sense of humor. The talents of the author and illustrator combine to wryly express the daily absurdities of being an equine veterinarian."

Dean W. Richardson, DVM, DACVS
     Chief of Large Animal Surgery
     New Bolton Center, University of Pennsylvania
     (Surgeon and devoted caretaker of the remarkable Barbaro.)


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